Syed Saleh stated the Saudi Arabian authorities would consider the new celestial satellite before proclaiming a fresh month in the Islamic Calendar each 12 months. “For case in point, throughout the month of Zulhijjah, they will (the Saudi Arabian government) will certainly look in the new celestial body overhead on Aug 21 towards the final […]

This can be pursuant to Presidential Aveu No. 269, series of Islamic Calendar 2018 proclaiming standard holiday seasons and exceptional nonworking vacations for the purpose of 2018 goes of the Islamic Holidays have already been determined according to the Islamic calendar or maybe the lunar schedule But soon, in the elevation of absurd time inside […]

RIYADH // Saudi government employees will end up being paid away according to the Gregorian calendar somewhat than the Hijri Calendar 2018, delivering the functioning month much longer within cost cutting steps, newspaper publishers reported about Mon. The modification, permitted by the Saudi The vector license(s) for this kind of data file will be AI/EPS […]